Par At Best

by Guardrail

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Our hero is down on his luck. Just when things start looking up, it all comes crashing down. Par At Best tells the tale of a man struggling to find himself amidst a love life lost, a series of increasingly shitty jobs, and a chronic inclination toward poor decisions. At least there's always music.

Or, y'know, here's seven songs you can listen to.


released June 2, 2017

Skuhll Dude created by Larissa Kaye

"2006" feat. Frank Rosado of Lowcountry
"Goodbye, Goodnight" feat. Jaclyn Heuser of City Mouth
"Quicksand" feat. Alex Vito of InsideOut
"Where Have You Been?" feat. Alex Wight of The Linden Method



all rights reserved


Guardrail Chicago, Illinois

You could say that Guardrail is a punk band. They play fast loud music, so no one would argue with you. Loud loud loud. Fast fast fast. Blah blah blah. We're so over it. We want to be treated as the creators we are. We are gods of our own world. We have the power to make and to destroy. We're just not very good at it. We're bad gods. Bad to the bone. ... more


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Track Name: 2006
Everything I am
And everything I know
It all traces back to
That first fucking show

2006, I was blessed with this gift
That crowd was more home than the place that I lived
I sweat and I screamed
That day was the day
I decided this wasn't just music to me

The melodies pierced through our sunburnt skin
For once i belonged
For once i fit in

This is my heart and soul
Track Name: Miserable
I’ve been losing more sleep
Every night this week
Even on my days off, I can’t sleep in
Alone in this bed
Alone in my head
My chest feels more empty than it’s ever been, yeah

I’ve been a miserable mess since you left me
Since you left me baby
I’ve been so fucking depressed since you left me
Since you left me baby

My fingers hit these strings
But it doesn’t mean a thing
If you’re not there for me to sing to
I haven’t drank so many beers
In I don’t know how many years
You broke my winning streak
You broke my winning streak



Fuck insecurity and fuck the frustration
Fuck the long distance and false accusations
You're letting it get to your head now, my dear
Can't let what we have be consumed by your fear, because

Track Name: You're Fired
Goddamn, we had a good run
Let’s crack open one last cold one
Is this the best that we could do?
We’re sick, of the ignorance
We won’t back down, we’ll resist this
This is one nation under you

We won’t let anger break us
We’ll overcome it all
We need compassion
We don’t need walls
We stand here together
There is no debate
Love will conquer hate
Love trumps hate

This isn’t over
We’ll brush the diet from our shoulders
We’re screaming louder than we ever could
We’re sick, our generation
Has had enough discrimination
Land of the free? You misunderstood


You’re fired!
You’re fired!
Track Name: Goodbye, Goodnight
It's something I don't want to hear
More permanent than days or years
But it seems to be the trend
It's something much more temporary
And even though results may vary
I know we'll meet again so

When I return will you still be there?

Well, you and I, we still exist
Just fill me in on what I missed
I've been away for far too long
But I'm not gone
So I'll follow these constellations
And when I reach my destination
I hope you never say goodbye
And you only say goodnight

Have a little bit of faith in me baby
This is the time and the place to be

When I return will you still be there?


When I return
When I return will you still be there?

Track Name: Quicksand
I don't know what I'm doing anymore
I guess only time will tell
I'm at the same place that I was before
Too afraid to help myself

I shouldn't feel like this
What step did I miss?
Where did I go wrong?

Should I shave my beard or let it grow?
I don't know, I don't know
Should I shut my mouth and let you go
I don't know, I don't know
If they stuck my feet in wet cement
And tossed me in Lake Michigan
Would anybody bat an eye
Just tell me that you will and I'll survive

I'm stuck in the quicksand of my past
The harder I struggle the further I sink in
I'm stuck in this self-conscious insecurity
Get out of my head and just give me a drink, yeah!

I shouldn't feel like this
What step did I miss?
Where did I go wrong?


I'll survive

Track Name: Where Have You Been?
If I disappeared tonight
Would I be satisfied?
Clear my throat, and tune my strings
I still got more words to sing

I watched punk rock on MTV
But not in twenty-seventeen
I thought you were dead and gone
But then you gave us one more song

Where have you been?
I almost gave up but
I kept my head low
You were there at the end of the show

Rejuvenation of my hope
Untie the noose made from this rope
Play it loud all night, til dawn
And i know i can carry on
Track Name: The Weekend
He watches the clock on a Friday
The hands moving slower with time
It's 4:55
He can't wait to drive
His ass home and get out of his tie

He calls up his boys on the telephone
He says "Let's not sit & be bored
Let's light up Kentucky
Maybe we'll get lucky
It's been so damn long since I've scored"

Let's have 3 cheers for the weekend
Let's all raise our glasses to us
Hip hip hooray for my best friends
Come on now, let's go get fucked up

Goddammit, this week was a rough one
Everyday he's chewed out by his boss
So sick of his bullshit
Now it's time to forget
It all, cuz they're hittin the sauce

4 shots of Jameson later
5 or 6 beers afterwards
That blonde's lookin good
He says "maybe we should"
She smiles and says "my place or yours"

Last call's come and gone, now the bar's closed
The crew stumbles out to the car
She asks "can you drive"
He says "sure I'll be fine
We don't have to go very far"

The boulevard blurs out of focus
He's trying to hide his mistake
They see headlights ahead
She screams "the light's red"
They make impact before he can brake

Her body goes right through the windshield
The airbag explodes in his face
If he just didn't drive,
They'd still be alive
Now their choices, they can't be retraced